Ep. 3 - She-Hulk Thee Rainmaker

When you sign a huge new client at your firm, what do you do to celebrate? If you are Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, and you just signed Megan Thee Stallion… you dance!

How Do We Handle Parole Hearings for Supervillains?

Episode Three: The People vs. Emil Blonsky picks up where we left off with trying to understand how The Abomination managed to escape the most secure prison in the world, participate in an underground fight club with the Supreme Sorcerer, and then go back to this prison without anyone apparently noticing he’d been gone. The obvious answer is that it was “magic” or in this case, sorcery. Wong joins in on the fun as he explains to Jennifer that it was his actions that caused Blonsky to escape and that he’d testify to that at the parole hearing. (Nothing is simple in the MCU.)

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Can a SuperHuman/Other Worlder Defraud Someone?

Another case going on with the SuperHuman Law Division is Jen and Nikki’s old workmate Dennis Bukowski’s issue with being defrauded by a shapeshifting Light-Elf from New Asgard who pretended to be Megan Thee Stallion. Would a reasonable person believe that Dennis could pull Megan Thee Stallion?? Probably not. But, is Dennis a reasonable person? Probably not.

Office Space at GLK/H

We get a little more of a peek into Jen’s and Holden Holliway’s offices. This is a high-end, well crafted office space. How does it compare to actual law firm offices in 2022? Where are the paralegal offices? Where is the diversity of lawyers at GLK/H? Why does Holliway have a bar in his office and Jennifer does not? We address all of these important issues.

The Wrecking Crew is Out for Blood

Who is the next “Big Bad” for She-Hulk? The Leader? Kingpin?

She-Hulk Thee Rainmaker

Perhaps the most controversial scene in Episode Three was the twerking by She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion after she is signed on as GLK/H’s news high-profile client. While real-life Twitter may have been upset, Mr. Holliway was not. Would a Managing Partner have something to say to a rainmaker dancing with her client? We discuss this, as well as the misogyny seen in the show, and how that compares to law firm life for women in the legal industry.


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Greg Lambert 0:19

Imagine running a superhuman law division of a law firm. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here. And we’re going to start off this series today by reviewing the new She-Hulk Attorney at Law show on Disney+. Let’s dive into Episode Three: The People versus Emil Blonsky. I’m Greg Lambert, and alongside with me today is my superhuman law division co counsel, Joshua Lenon. Joshua, so what do you think of Episode Three?

Joshua Lenon 0:48

Greg, I really enjoyed it. I thought they finally started getting down to litigating super human issues. As a part of this episode. We had a lot of setup in the last two episodes, Jen becoming Hulk and learning how to control her transformation and powers. And in the second one, kind of the impact of that on her professional career, and how did she recover from that? And now we’re finally getting to see Jennifer Walters super human lawyer. And so I enjoyed those aspects coming out in this episode. How about you?

Greg Lambert 1:20

Yeah, I’m with you on this one. It’s, we’re finally getting into some of the GLK and H litigation parts of it. And seeing some of the structure internally on how the superhuman law division is set up. And, you know, we first start up where we left off on episode two, which is realizing that somewhere along the line, Emil Blonsky, had escaped prison and went into this kind of fight club with Wong.

Joshua Lenon 1:53

Yeah, Wong, the superhuman sorcerer. And I made a prediction last episode that it was going to be actually part of his court mandated therapy. And that turned out that prediction was wrong.

Greg Lambert 2:06

Well, hold I would hold up on whether or not that was wrong just yet. Because I think there was something that, and we’ll get to this in a minute, there was something that Wong said that made me wonder if maybe eventually you won’t be right on that. So but it was, it was kind of funny, because Blonsky talks about his escape. And it’s actually not an escape. He says he was forced to leave the prison by Wong, who transported him to do these fights, and that he came back of his own free will.

Joshua Lenon 2:45

That’s true. And so it was used as evidence of reformative nature. If you look at the history of the US prison system, it’s often been juggling between rehabilitation and some type of revenge upon the criminal. Parole is definitely an instance where we look more towards the rehabilitative nature of prison. And so Emile Bronski, in front of the parole board is attempting to show two or three things. The first is remorse for his actions. A second is rehabilitation, an understanding and awareness of why they happened, and to demonstrate that he has both kind of the physical and developmental control to prevent that situation from happening again in the future. And then the last one, which is, I think, somewhat unique to the super hero realm is that his powers aren’t going to be a factor if he gave teens parole, and so we often see the idea of recidivism, are you going to go out and just commit the same crime again? And here Blonsky is attempting to prove that just because he has superpowers does not mean he will be a recidivist?

Greg Lambert 4:01

Yeah. And it was one of the things that and I don’t know that we mentioned it on the last episode. But one of the things that Jennifer Walters was doing was coming up with reasons why he shouldn’t be in prison. That’s not going to come up at all. In a parole hearing Parole Hearings are not about our re arguing the facts of the trial or proving innocence. It’s about that. Are you reformed? Are you going to be a productive citizen out there if we let you go? So I thought it was a little interesting that she was arguing the facts of the case, which would not be an issue at a parole hearing.

Joshua Lenon 4:44

That’s absolutely true. And as we saw on the hearing, the witnesses and testimonies weren’t about the previous behavior that landed Blonsky in jail, but rather how he was conducting himself during the course of his incarceration. And so there were There were several witnesses, like a prison guard who testified about how a meal was helping him with his own personal relationships. There was a librarian who talked about how Blonsky was actually helping other prisoners rehabilitate.

Greg Lambert 5:15

My favorite quote of that one was, he made the library more than just a place to quietly shift someone.

Joshua Lenon 5:24

No, sorry, I, I laughed at that one too.

Greg Lambert 5:28

So and then, there was also the counselor, they talked about how he created a yoga or is in type class and helped the other prisoners. The other inmates? Yeah. So I mean, it was it was very good. But really, the whole thing was dependent upon Wong and his role in this. Let’s go back to where Wong is introduced, and Jennifer calls Nikki, her paralegal on the phone and asked her to basically do a little due diligence on Wong and find out more about him and Nikki did what a lot of us do, which was Googled him and pulled up his Google his LinkedIn page. Did you get a look at what jobs long held and

Joshua Lenon 6:21

Wha The only one that jumps out was library? Yeah,

Greg Lambert 6:24

so he’s had himself as his current job as Sorcerer Supreme. But he spent multiple years as the librarian at common Tosh, and he was connected to Bruce Banner through his LinkedIn, I didn’t notice that. But I thought it was funny because Nikki was tasked with actually reaching out and having him return the message, whether it’s email or phone call, or somehow get him into the office. And, and so if you were, if you look closely at the court room style drawings, at the end, like he said that, don’t worry, I sent him a thirst trap of me holding books. And of course, you know, nothing attracts a librarian more than someone holding books, right?

Joshua Lenon 7:16

That’s absolutely true. The first thing they look at is the spines to see what you’re reading.

Greg Lambert 7:21

Yeah. And that’s, that’s me, actually. But that is something that that you do ask paralegals, your your assistants. There are people at your firm whose job is to do some background investigation to look at people’s online accounts to reach out to them if necessary to find out, will they come in? Will they come in and testify? Will they go through a deposition will they just actually talk to you will return your phone calls. And then sometimes you want to do that anonymously. And you don’t want them to know that you’re trying to look at them and their online profile, as well. So I thought they did a good job of quickly going through that on how they were going to reach out and get wanting to come in. So long does eventually show up. But before we get to that, we had a news break scene where we were looking at some social media some YouTube videos were one, the news ticker mentioned Titania again and said that the super powered influencer Titania speaks out about latest legal trouble is confident her legal team will make it go away. That tells me one Titania, again has had legal trouble in the past probably not just traffic court that she was in and that she has her own legal team. I wonder if her legal team and the G Okay. And H legal team will butt heads before too long.

Joshua Lenon 8:59

I definitely predict a reunion and a future episode.

Greg Lambert 9:03

And then in the same clip Jennifer’s qualifications as a lawyer gets questioned. Yeah, mostly because of two reasons. One, she’s a super powered individual who is also a lawyer, and two and probably the biggest reason is she’s a woman. And there is a just a list of misogynistic tweets and comments that get in a very short period of time get shown on there, such as you know, the me to movement and now all the male superheroes are now female superheroes what has happened and there’s a team he hulk out there but but it’s been one of the things we we’ve kind of skirted around this issue. It’s shown up and all three episodes is There is this misogynistic storyline that that’s kind of an undercurrent that’s going on in this. And, you know, quite honestly, and it’s something that I’ve covered a lot on my my other podcast with with Marlene Gebauer is that, you know, law firms are present a law firms are really good at hiring women lawyers. They’re terrible at retention. And a number of reasons why that’s going on. It’s a huge issue in the industry. And it’s one that I mean, we we could have an entire podcast that just talks about that. But there’s a number of things that we see in this show that really kind of mirror real life. Some of its a little over dramatized, I think, such as Dennis Bacau, skis, comment in the bar last week, which you know, I think is way over the top, but not necessarily something that wouldn’t happen. You know, it’s, there’s a lot of issues with sexism in the legal and in the legal profession. Yeah. And we’re seeing it. So yes, some of it may be, you know, over the top, but not too far over the top.

Joshua Lenon 11:24

No, if we look at the history of the legal profession, it’s actually been fairly exclusionary to women and people of color. For a long time, people just were not allowed to attend law school or sit for the bar despite other very admirable qualifications. And, unfortunately, that continues to be a legacy to this day, in certain statistics, we know that over half of most law students now are women. And yet they only account for about 23% of equity partners at major law firms. And so we see that women are mostly represented in solo and small law firms, where they find that the larger law firms are not supportive of women practicing law or balancing all the aspects of their lives that are necessary for many women in order to have at all and allowing for time off reintegration back into the law firm credit for parental leave. None of these things are really supported. When when the rubber hits the road, a lot of these law firms and so women, rightly so viewed as a hostile environment and go out and make their own way. It shouldn’t have to be that way. But that’s very much the case. I see you in the legal profession

Greg Lambert 12:44

Totally agree. One of the things that is a constant recommendation for advancing not not just women, but also for people of color is that the more that women and people of color are in positions of power within the firm, whether that’s on committees, as practice group leaders, etc. One example is the best way to make sure that women are paid in equity with their male counterparts, is to make sure that there are more women on the compensation committee at law firms. Yeah, it’s almost a one to one correlation between the more number of women that are on that committee, the more equity they have in pay with their male counterparts. So representation matters. Yeah, so let’s let’s keep an eye out on this and future episodes, if we see committees, and I know we saw last episode when they were walking past one of the conference rooms, that entire conference room was filled with nothing but men. Yeah,

Joshua Lenon 13:51

we have not seen any partners, a GL and K who are female or represent anyone have diversity? Yep. And it’ll be interesting to see how that comes about. Maybe if Jen herself is considered for a partnership.

Greg Lambert 14:04

Now, we will come back to this throughout this. Throughout this podcast, I am sure I did want to talk I want to talk one more thing about Jen’s new office. And so we kind of get a better look at it this episode. And I can tell you that there is no UCLA mugs or banners, any kind of personality that we saw in her prosecutors office that we’re seeing here is a very sterile office. For some and for some especially, you know, white shoe, upper, you know, top law firms. You get that kind of clean that we want every office to kind of look

Joshua Lenon 14:48

the same. Yeah, signer offices. Yeah, yep. So

Greg Lambert 14:52

very little color in the office. Even the paintings were mostly kind of black and white or uted the logbooks were just you know, old leather bound logbooks that were there

Joshua Lenon 15:06

and clearly not gents, right? Yeah, yeah. Not

Greg Lambert 15:10

not hers.

Joshua Lenon 15:11

She just started there. Why would she have these old logbooks? Yeah, she looks

Greg Lambert 15:15

like maybe we can chalk it up that she hasn’t had time to put her personal stamp on the office yet. But we move over to Halloween, his office. And his is kind of the same way. I mean, his paintings have a little more color, and, but he has like old leather bound books that you can tell are not for use. They’re just for looks. And then he does have one of those beautiful little model, wooden run about ski boats. That’s behind his desk, those things, those things are great. I had a friend growing up whose dad had one out there just crazy in super expensive. But Holloway does have a bar setup in his office. So I noticed that

Joshua Lenon 15:59

I didn’t I didn’t catch that. That’s interesting.

Greg Lambert 16:02

Anything else in the office that popped out at you? Well, one

Joshua Lenon 16:06

of the things that jumped out to me was we never see where Nikki, the paralegal is working. And in most of these, most of these larger office environments, the paralegal doesn’t work in their attorney’s office. And remember, Jen specifically requested Nikki being hired alongside her. So there should be some type of open work area cubicle area, where Nikki is actually doing her job. And we haven’t seen that yet. And it is interesting to see how there’s a dichotomy between lawyers and non lawyers in law firms and how they’re treated. But the other thing that jumped out to me is, while we’re seeing this kind of white shoe law firm, what the reality is for a lot of law firms lately is they are shifting more towards a more open office environment, a lot of co working spaces. They’re having lounges rather than conference rooms. And the offices themselves are oftentimes no longer somebody’s personal office, but instead, just an office that you kind of check in check out as you need to be there. And none of those trends have been reflected in this episode yet. So it’ll be interesting to see if they pop up later. And GL and K keeping with the times. Yeah,

Greg Lambert 17:26

I did notice that there was kind of an open space looks like it’s mostly secretarial space. Open, as well, as you see the reception. space there. Typically paralegals have internal offices or or cubicle areas. My guess is at some point, we may see more internal space, but we didn’t see it here. We did see, however, it mentioned that that we haven’t seen any women lawyers, yet. We actually did see one we saw Mallory book.

Joshua Lenon 18:01

She’s not a partner yet. Yeah. Yeah. But she is. Yeah, I think our first female lawyer that we’ve been introduced to, and

Greg Lambert 18:08

that’s the first one we’ve been introduced to, and I know that in the comic book that Jen and Mallory are rivals. They just don’t get along at all. I think we’re probably set up to have some some rivalry amongst the firm, especially, you know, Jen coming in being the new person and getting to lead the superhuman law division. Mallory may think that that was that’s a job that that she was lined up for. So we’ll see how that goes. But it’s always, always good to have a little little bit of attention on these types of TV shows. And you know, in reality, not everyone gets along. So we’ll see how that’s handled.

Joshua Lenon 18:54

Yeah, law firms have their own internal politics, just like any other organization.

Greg Lambert 18:58

Yeah. Do you want to talk about why they were in? Holloway is Office which was the Dennis Bukowski case?

Joshua Lenon 19:05

Absolutely. This is. This is another superhuman law case that came it came to GL K and H. And it is Dennis Bukowski, who was a lawyer that worked with Jennifer Walters back when she was with the prosecuting attorney’s office. And he is not coming across Well, in this episode at all. So his legal trouble is that he has been defrauded by a con artist. And in four color superhero comic book world. The con artist is actually a shapeshifter. They described her as a light elf.

Greg Lambert 19:43

Is that right? Yeah, her name is Runa. Yeah, yeah,

Joshua Lenon 19:46

to change her identity and she’s part of the whole background from the Thor Asgard side of the Marvel Universe. And she apparently has been impersonating a very famous rapstar Megan Thee Stallion.

Greg Lambert 20:01

from Houston, Texas, my hometown. Yeah.

Joshua Lenon 20:05

Dennis Bukowski believed that he was dating Megan Thee Stallion. Well, that’s his claim, as part of this case, was lavishly spending on her, only to find out that it was not a famous rapper he was dating but instead this light elf. So he has come to the law firm, seeking to sue in a civil suit for fraud. And he wants to recover the money he spent, too on his Paramore due to fraud. But interestingly, when Jennifer Walters is brought in to take the case, as part of the superhuman law division, he immediately rejects her as a female lawyer. Not that she is a Hulk, but that she is female, and he doesn’t want to confess his embarrassing secrets to a female lawyer.

Greg Lambert 20:55

He also rejects Mallery book for the same reason. That’s right.

Joshua Lenon 20:59

Yeah. So he ends up with pug. I can’t ever pronounce his last name. It’s Italian pulito. Puggly SSC. Only essay, thank you. Yeah, who everybody calls pug?

Greg Lambert 21:11

Well, we’ll just call them pug. Yeah,

Joshua Lenon 21:13

who ends up taking the case. And I gotta say, if you have to go up against somebody in a court, having somebody who acts like Runa is such a benefit. When you have just this unruly defendant, who doesn’t listen to the judge who interrupts and then at one point, impersonates the judge in what she thinks is an hilarious practical joke, but it’s really quite frankly, a serious violation of several laws around impersonating a an officer of the court. And so if I were, I would just let that defendant just run, just let her run. Yeah, it only helped our case.

Greg Lambert 21:58

Yeah, there was the one of the defenses that they brought up for Rona was that she is the daughter of a new Asgardian diplomat. But he’s a diplomat for new Asgard. Not from new Asgard for the state. So she’s not a diplomat’s daughter, here in California, but rather the diplomats daughter in new Asgard. So I think for that reason that the judge does not allow that defense and allows it to go to trial.

Joshua Lenon 22:34

Yep. So it’s interesting, you look at diplomatic immunity, just because your home country designate you a diplomat does not mean you automatically have diplomatic immunity. Your credentials have to be recognized by the state, the country where you’ve been assigned, and they can always revoke your credentials and kick you out of the country. And that’s something that happens quite often in international diplomacy. Were kind of one of the first ratchety moves when you have conflict between two nation states is they start kicking people out and revoking credentials, as a way of forcing some type of confrontation and recognition of displeasure in a way that’s that’s really my minorly discomforting, which when it comes to like member states fighting that’s really the level you want it to be at discomfort not all out war.

Greg Lambert 23:32

Exactly. Exactly. So the judge kind of and I found this a little interesting and of course you have to condense these trials especially when when you’ve got a you know, a 30 minute TV show that that’s going Yeah, but he basically told pug what he would have to prove in order to win his case. And that was whether or not any rational man would believe that he was actually dating Megan Thee Stallion.

Joshua Lenon 24:03

Yeah. And the reasonable person standard unfortunately exists right oftentimes in law are like what a reasonable person think this and then we go on to kind of define what is a reasonable person when you are Dennis Bukowski.

Greg Lambert 24:20

So in order to prove that Dennis was not a reasonable man, pug gets the idea after talking with Nikki and Jen at the at the bar on Dennis is previous behavior at the prosecutor’s office to put Jen on the stand as basically I guess as a character,

Joshua Lenon 24:42

character witness Yeah, but the character she’s attesting to is not that it’s unreasonable that he’s dating the real Megan the stallion right, but instead it would be unreasonable for Ben to think anything else, Dennis that he So are Dennis sorry sorry that he is so entitled in his just personal nature that it would never occur to him that he he was being defrauded along the way by this impersonator? Yeah.

Greg Lambert 25:11

In fact, I love how she says it. It says that Dennis is an almost pathologically entitled man, so much so that he would absolutely believe he was dating Megan Thee Stallion. Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, that’s, that’s bad for Dennis’s ego. But he does win the case. And he gets $175,000 in damages. Rona also gets bleep 60 days in jail for her little trick of impersonating the judge. So justice served,

Joshua Lenon 25:49

that was a contempt charge. So judges don’t just get to throw people in jail for anything, right. And so in that case, the judge was exercising its plenary power of contempt and putting her in jail. Otherwise, he would have to wait for charges to be filed against her.

Greg Lambert 26:08

Yeah, that was one of the things I wanted to make sure you clarify on this. She’s off

Joshua Lenon 26:12

to jail. Now whether or not they can keep her there is the next question.

Greg Lambert 26:17

Yeah, her shapeshifting is going to be interesting. I don’t. I wonder if we’ll see her again in the show or maybe some of the other other shows along along the line. But she was fun. Well,

Joshua Lenon 26:29

yeah, if we look at the dance lot run for She Hulk, they actually had a process server who was a shapeshifter. And so maybe that’s how this comes back.

Greg Lambert 26:40

That would be good that that’s what you want in your process servers, someone that could get into places and

Joshua Lenon 26:48

get close. And yeah, get those documents into the other side’s hands.

Greg Lambert 26:52

All right. Well, let’s let’s jump over to Wong’s arrival and his testimony at blonde skis parole hearing. So first, when long shows up, he tells and he says something really interesting. And that is that all of the story that Blonsky has told Jennifer is factual. And that’s yeah, it almost reminds me of the well, it depends on what what the meaning of is,

Joshua Lenon 27:21

is, is yeah, the old Bill Clinton quote, yeah. And

Greg Lambert 27:25

so that, you know, that’s why a lot of times people don’t get in trouble for the crime they get, or for the action, they get in trouble for the cover up, cover up. And so I feel like there’s a little bit of a cover up going on here with with the way Wong is trying to phrase things.

Joshua Lenon 27:46

I agree with you, I feel like it would be a misuse of a great character like Wong if the story as as told is all there is. And, and his kind of rationalization for why he kicked out Blonsky and threw him into a public Fight Club, is to better train himself to be the Sorcerer Supreme. Yeah.

Greg Lambert 28:08

And to prove himself as a source of supreme that the problem is, is he is already the sorcerer supreme, when this fight took place. Absolutely. You’ve never have to remember the truth. And you always have to remember your lies. And so that’s one one of the things I think we’re running into here is that, yeah, may be factual. But I think there’s, you know, there’s more going on under underneath here. That’s why I was saying, Hold on to your thoughts about whether or not it was actually Wong training, the abomination to gather control of himself. So, so get to the parole hearing itself. We’ve already talked about the librarian, the guard and the counselor, Wong finally shows up late to testify. Or actually, let’s back up one more piece when he was talking to Jin, as he actually give some suggestions or some things that he will do and he won’t do with the sources. Sources supreme power. Yeah. Which is he probably he’s he will not wipe everyone’s memory memory, like, again, like they did in Spider Man. Yeah, yeah, that

Joshua Lenon 29:22

was a good call out.

Greg Lambert 29:23

He does offer the either send Blonsky to the mirror dimension or the shadow dimension, which Jen immediately says, No, that’s an unethical thing, then, you know, we can’t do that. We have to rely upon the rule of law in order to do that. And then another thing that happens quite often with lawyers, especially when you’re dealing with criminal behavior, is long says, Okay, well, we’ll keep the sorceress stuff as Plan B, and N taps his nose. No, she’s like, please don’t tap your nose. Just

Joshua Lenon 30:00

please don’t tap your nose. Yeah, so this is coaching of witnesses. And that happens a lot. If you’re gonna bring somebody in into a courtroom to testify on your behalf, you want to make sure they know how to testify. Right? And and simple things that we do in everyday conversation, like make a joke, like tap your nose, right, should really be taken out of context and and negatively hurt the chances of your client. And so what we probably didn’t see was Jen, asking likely questions that the parole board would ask right? Helping Wong with his responses to make sure that he keeps them like really on target, answer the question that is asked, answer the question that is asked, right. You don’t need to add a lot, right. And it’s actually something that’s very tough for people to get comfortable with, is being able to tell a coherent story and answer while still operating under some pretty stifling conditions. Yeah, but that’s what’s necessary when you are a witness at a trial.

Greg Lambert 31:03

Yeah, in fact, we see that exact problem happening with Blonsky, who is way over volunteering information at his hearing. In fact, you see Jen, on more than one occasion telling him to stop or no or interrupt or now and, and so, you know, moving on. That’s another thing that you see a lot, both on television and in real life is that, you know, once somebody gets to talking, sometimes it’s best just to shut up in and only again, answer the questions as being asked. Anything else on the the hearing part you want to cover?

Joshua Lenon 31:43

Well, there’s the outcome. Yeah. And the outcome is that the abomination is granted parole. Now they give conditions as a part of that parole, the first, which is that he is not not allowed to transform into the abomination. Doing so would be immediate revocation of his parole. What might be interesting in a future episode, is they’ve demonstrated that he can transform when he chooses, but not necessarily that he’s always in control of transforming, right. So we know there are instances where hulks transformed due to fear or pain or anger, woods, such a situation in the future, where the abomination transforms be necessarily a revocation. If it’s uncontrollable, right? Or white, there be other extenuating circumstances, like he’s doing so out of self defense. And so we’ll see that another thing they talked about is that there is some type of inhibitor and one of the things that I would have wanted to see from the beginning is Jennifer Walters actually offering up concessions, like, agrees to wear an inhibitor as a part of preparing for the parole hearing, such the we’re not just discovering these things at the end, but prepping your client, and also seeding the types of conditions that we would want to abide by in a successful parole grant. So I was a bit disappointed to hear that at the end, rather than it being part of the strategy. Yeah,

Greg Lambert 33:19

I think it was kind of implied because Denis mentions that Runa is just going to be given a slap on the wrist and that the real punishment would be to take away her powers. Yes, I think that was what she gave to the parole board. I don’t know, when she was able to do that if she was able to file some paperwork while they were still deliberating. So it would have been interesting, but I think that was just a quick way that she had come up with that idea. In fact, she breaks the fourth wall was saying that, Dennis, just give me a great idea. We’ll just keep that between us.

Joshua Lenon 33:59

Yeah. And such conditions are not unheard of in parole. When we look at certain famous hacking cases. We’ll see that some some parolees are actually forbidden from using a computer at all. Yeah, for several years. And part of accepting parole is you you agree to these conditions and the ability of the state to follow up on those conditions like you don’t need a warrant for a parole officer to search a parolees home. They’ve already consented to it by accepting the parole agreement.

Greg Lambert 34:30

Yeah. And that’s that’s one of the things I think a lot of people don’t understand about parole, and why some people are granted parole instead of just having to serve their full sentence. One of the things about being on parole is that you are subject to this monitoring. If you serve your entire sentence, the state has no more power over you. You have served your sentence it would need a warrant in order to serve to serve or any of your belonging.

Joshua Lenon 34:57

Yeah, a parole search can find nothing meaning that you violated your parole but evidence of other crimes that you could then be charged with. So it is a bit of a risk to accept parole sometimes.

Greg Lambert 35:09

Alright, so Blonsky is free. If you notice that the again with the the end credits Yeah, you know you see the seven soulmates who apparently are not nefarious, just people he found in the pin pals system.

Joshua Lenon 35:25

isn’t somebody gullible? Yep and any appears to abandon them

Greg Lambert 35:28

it does look that way doesn’t it? Yeah. So so we’ll see how that how that goes Has

Joshua Lenon 35:35

he really rehabilitated?

Greg Lambert 35:37

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the abomination and in fact it kind of brings up the next scene which Jennifer arrives back at her home later that evening and is attacked by what we know as the Wrecking Crew. Yeah, hoo hoo. Apparently, as she says, Did you guys Rob and as guardian construction worker, because they show up in hard hat or when it’s got a hard hat. One’s got a mace and they’ve got a

Joshua Lenon 36:11

crowbar? Yeah, such a ball on a chain. Right? Yeah. And all of them are inscribed with glowing symbols. Yes, yes. And they and they seem to feel like they can attack and take a hawk as what they think these will enable them to do.

Greg Lambert 36:27

Yeah, I do. I thought it was it was funny and pure Marvel Comics in that briefly, she forgot that she could turn into the She Hulk. And so when they grab her, then she panics and then all of a sudden she’s like, Oh, wait, and then she turns into the She Hulk and quickly dispenses with the Wrecking Crew. But we find out it’s there’s something else that they’re looking for, other than just fight She Hulk. And that is that they attempt to take some of her blood.

Joshua Lenon 36:59

But now they want a blood sample. Yeah. And we don’t know why or who for they are taking the sample.

Greg Lambert 37:05

I’ve got somebody as you want to hear. Yeah, absolutely. So word on the street is that this is one of two they talked about the boss is not going to be happy that they couldn’t get the blood from Xi Hawke. The boss is either the leader, which is you, you see briefly the origin story in the 2008 Hulk movie with Edward Norton. And we’ve never seen since or it’s the kitten pen. And since we know that there’s going to be a certain other superhero lawyer that shows up later. Whose enemy is the king pen, his arch villain. Yeah, probably going to be the king panel, though everyone is really hoping that we can see the leader at some point which the leader just for everyone that doesn’t know, just as the abomination got his powers through using the blood of the Hulk. The leader is also someone who got the blood of the Hulk, but instead of turning into a large kind of brainless character, like the original Hulk was, he actually turns into someone who is super smart and has a very enlarged brain. Yeah. So.

Joshua Lenon 38:27

So the antithesis of the original Hall.

Greg Lambert 38:30

Yeah, exactly. So it’s going to be interesting to see who it is. My guess is probably King pan, but um, who knows? Maybe we’ll get both.

Joshua Lenon 38:37

The leader was my hunch. But honestly, I didn’t recall that from the Norton movie. So thank you. That’s that I think further supports it. Yeah. If we’re bringing the abomination back from that, that continuity, then the leader is just as likely Yep.

Greg Lambert 38:52

Yep. That is, that movie is canon now. So. Yeah. All right. So let’s, let’s get to the mid credit scene where and I love this because it would go back to the law office. So we’re talking long in one of the things that lawyers love to do, and that is to sign new clients. And in this case, we end up with Megan Thee Stallion as Jennifer’s first client to sign in to GLK and H. That’s

Joshua Lenon 39:20

absolutely right. And so there are a couple of things that I think are really important here. One, Jen is becoming a rainmaker. She’s bringing in clients and her previous role as a government lawyer. That’s not something she had to do. Right, right. So she’s picking up a new skill, but it also demonstrates value to the law firm outside of her just kind of media persona of She Hulk. She’s now bringing money in and that’s one of the factors that a law firm will be considering when they’re bringing people on as a partner and not just a lawyer. That’s a part of the staff. So Jen Rainmaker, second, I think it’s interesting because it’s showing how real life concerns can also be reflected in the superhero law stories. One of the things that Megan Thee Stallion will need to be able to do is to protect her likeness going forward. And in the real world, we know that Megan Thee Stallion, that’s not actually her real name, but instead is a trademarked name that she has filed with the Patent and Trademark Office in the United States that she actually applies it to a wide variety of products. And when you have people going around publishing their own YouTube videos pretending to be her, right and pulling pranks on people like Runa did in one scene, that’s a violation of Megan’s trademark rights. Yeah. And so Jen is now moving into IP law, as well as criminal law with a parole hearing. And so it’ll be interesting to see how they pull that going forward. Yep. And then lastly, there’s the celebratory scene after she signs her new client. What were your thoughts on that?

Greg Lambert 41:03

Well, I thought it was it was fun. Because, in fact, it’s gotten a lot of play out on the interwebs this week as well. So after Megan signs the client agreement, which is super important, because you want to make sure that are you representing Megan Thee Stallion, the entertainer, are you representing the on a personal level? Are you representing a business of hers, it’s one of the things that gets law firms into trouble is not knowing exactly who your client is and which interest you are of work you’re doing for the family. So setting, setting that scope in the in the client agreement is super important. But once everything signed, it’s time to celebrate. And if you’re bringing on a big client, especially one like Meghan the stallion, who’s an entertainer, they start breaking into a dance and in fact, Megan Thee Stallion is so impressed and says straight up that you are so much more fun than my last lawyer. And in fact, we see Mr. Holloway walking through and I thought this was actually good and kind of counters the naysayers out on out on Twitter this week. And that he walks by he sees this torquing going on and just says, Huh, and then walks off. Doesn’t look disappointed. Doesn’t you know, he looks like well, okay, well, that’s interesting. And then yeah, who’s on? So I think if you were pug and you signed Meghan the stallion and pug tried to torque. That’s just different. I

Joshua Lenon 42:43

think it just sounds a little out of place. Yeah,

Greg Lambert 42:45

I think this was Jennifer’s true personality. And you know, and it’s okay to have your own personality at a law firm and especially if that fits. It should be okay.

Joshua Lenon 42:57

Yeah, yeah. She’s bringing in business. Let’s let her dance. Yeah.

Greg Lambert 43:02

Although Jen does walk up to the line with with even Megan Thee Stallion by saying, I will kill for you Megan Thee Stallion. And then Megan sets up those boundaries right there and says, Alright, dial it back. Yeah, we know where it’s too far too far. But I thought it was great. I thought I loved the episode. I love the interaction. I saw an outtake where of that scene where they actually Tatyana The actress was up on a platform dancing, doing that with all of the special effects your hairs on her. So really kind of fun. I think everyone had a blast making that episode. Like Megan Thee Stallion on it.

Joshua Lenon 43:48

So, one of the fun details I’ve noticed is that when Tatiana is going around in her Jen Walters persona, she’s wearing oversized clothes. Yes. Yeah. All the time now. Yeah. Yeah. And I thought that was just a nice bit of costuming to add for Miss le tude. Yeah, to this. Yeah.

Greg Lambert 44:06

Although she has to remember to take off her shoes. Yeah,

Joshua Lenon 44:09

yeah. So some designers somewhere it’s gonna get really famous by creating like stretchy shoes. Exactly.

Greg Lambert 44:14

Yes. Yeah. So any other things you want to cover on the episode?

Joshua Lenon 44:20

No, I think we’ve really started to hit the stride with this one. And I’m eager to see what the cases are for the next episode, so that we can see what legal issues are being explored by She-Hulk. Attorney at Law.

Greg Lambert 44:34

All right. Well, that wraps up episode three this week. We thank everyone for listening. If you have questions or you want to reach out to us, you can hit me up on Twitter at G Lambert. Org Lambert. How about you Joshua.

Joshua Lenon 44:48

I’m at Joshua Lenon, l e n o n

Greg Lambert 44:52

and we also have the podcast Twitter account at superhuman pod. And so if you want to reach out They’re a follow in we’ll pass along some more information so until next week I’ll we’ll see you later

Joshua Lenon 45:06

It’s always a blast Thank you.